Top Tips When Hiring A Bricklayer

Posted on: 21 April 2021

If you plan to renovate your home or put up a new house, you will most probably require the services of a bricklayer. Choosing a bricklayer can be challenging if you have not conducted construction projects in the past. Read this excerpt for some expert tips on the considerations to make when hiring a bricklayer. 

Customer Reviews

Some would ask, why do customer reviews matter? Well, this is why: 

  • They will enable you to assess the bricklayer's work quality. A lot of positive reviews are an indication that the bricklayer is experienced in the trade.
  • Customer reviews can help you examine the bricklayer's customer relationship skills. Comments such as poor communication and failure to meet deadlines are red flags of poor customer service.
  • The reviews can help you compare the pricing of various bricklayers. 

Other than good reviews, the bricklayer should have a valid licence and should be affiliated with a professional association. 

Insurance Considerations

Bricklaying work contains numerous risks since the masons work at heights. If an accident occurred at your site, you would be liable for personal injury and property damage. Therefore, it would be wise to ensure that your bricklayer has general liability coverage to protect you from such claims. The policy should cover site employees and subcontractors that the bricklayer will use. 

Services Offered

What services will the bricklayer provide? One of your primary considerations would be where to source the bricks. Some bricklayers can make the bricks on site. It is a sure way to save construction costs since you do not have to bear transport charges. Besides, the bricklayer will use your raw materials. Inquire if the bricklayer hires height safety equipment such as scaffolding and aerial platforms. Some professionals could also hire plant equipment such as excavators. Other than building works, some bricklayers will lay pavements, build drainage systems, retaining walls and reinforce foundations. 

Terms And Pricing

The bricklayer should have clear terms and conditions. For instance, he or she should create a timeline indicating when he or she will complete the project. Besides, the professional must give guarantees on the complete work. Ask the bricklayer to break down their quote. It will help you determine whether it covers extra costs such as equipment hire and building survey fees. Inquire when you should make your payments. Typically, you should pay the bricklayer after the successful completion of each construction milestone. Additionally, you should offer a down payment to ensure the bricklayer has sufficient funds to commence the works. 

When hiring a bricklayer, asses customer reviews, their insurance coverage, services, terms and pricing.