Five Benefits of Using Gypsum Plasterboard in Your Home

Posted on: 19 August 2020

When it comes to creating a smooth finish in the interior of your house, there are many different building products you can choose from. Each interior lining option has unique features, benefits, and drawbacks that must be carefully reviewed before making a final decision on which one to use.

Gypsum plasterboard is one of the most widely used interior linings in today's residential buildings. Read on to find out why it may be an appropriate interior lining product for your new residential build or home renovation.

1. It is quite affordable. 

Choosing affordable building supplies is critical when you're building or renovating on a tight budget. Of course, high-quality products tend to be expensive to buy but that doesn't mean there aren't any decent-quality low-cost options out there.

If you're looking for a quality interior lining product that doesn't require you to break the bank, gyprock plastering is a great choice because it is quite cheap to buy. 

2. It can insulate against sound.

If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, you can benefit from the installation of plasterboard that is specially designed to reduce noise coming from outside. Noise-reducing plasterboard usually has a core that helps block outdoor noise from interfering with the peace and quiet inside your home. 

3. It can be cut to size.

Plasterboards are easy to cut to size. This makes it possible to do a neat job, as all areas of your home interior can be completely covered in plastering.

4. It can be painted.

Like it or not, your interior lining is going to impact the appearance of your home interior. Therefore, it is important to choose a product that aligns with your interior design requirements.

If you're looking to paint your home interior after installing the interior lining, you're going to love plasterboard. Plasterboard provides a smooth finish that can be painted to create the exact look you want. 

5. It is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Gypsum plasterboard is fully recyclable. At the end of its useful lifespan, it can be turned into recycled gypsum, which in turn, reduces the need to generate virgin gypsum.

Installing gypsum plasterboard might seem like an easy job at first blush, but it requires more skill and muscle than you might think. If you want to get the job done fast, properly and safely, it is best to let an experienced plaster installer do it for you.