• 4 Tips to Make Your Workplace Safer through Fire Emergency Planning

    Fire emergency plans are an important part of disaster preparedness. Every business with physical premises should have a response system in place that includes required fire safety equipment in the right places and proper training of employees to respond to fire incidents when they happen. Your plan should be in writing and given to every employee, including those working on shift and independent contractors. Changes to your building that affect the plan should be updated as necessary.
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  • Three Critical Design Considerations for Cooling Tower Construction

    If you want to upgrade your commercial or industrial cooling, you should consider building a cooling tower. This type of heat-rejection system is economical because it releases heat through evaporation of water. Basically, the heat from the HVAC system and industrial machinery will be 'collected' by a cooling stream of water. The now heated water will then be cooled by air in the cooling tower. If you decide to set up this structure in your commercial property, it is important to understand the critical design factors.
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  • Building Inspection Tips for the Exterior Part of a Building

    When you are inspecting a building for damage or signs of wear, the interior sections of the property is where your main focus typically shifts. However, it is important that you are aware of the various sections on the exterior part of the property that also need to be inspected. There are many warning signs about the integrity of a property that can be detected by taking a closer look at the exterior part.
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