Three Critical Issues to Address Before Installing Balustrades

Posted on: 30 April 2018

If you are planning on installing a balustrade in your home, you should consult an experienced contractor for expert guidance through the building process. Often, homeowners make mistakes during the design and construction of balustrading because of the incorrect assumption that the element is merely decorative. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Balustrades are primarily designed to provide safety around balconies, staircases and terraces. Therefore, you must plan effectively before installing your balustrading. Here are the most critical issues that you should think about when choosing your balustrades and designing the structure.

Building Materials

You should select the fabrication material for your balustrades with care to ensure prolonged service and ideal performance. When comparing the suitable materials, you must evaluate the beneficial properties before making your decision. One of the most popular options to consider for your home is stainless steel. This material is favoured because its strength will promote safety. Also, when stainless steel is polished, its appeal is exceptional.

Aluminium is an advantageous alternative to stainless steel, and it is a great choice if the cost of stainless steel is daunting. The material has exceptional corrosion resistance, and you can enhance the appeal through powder coating. If you are not interested in metal balustrades, you should consider glass. Glass will not interfere with your home design adversely, and it is easy to maintain. Other options include wood and wrought iron.

Safety Regulations

You should not proceed with the design and installation of the balustrading in your home without checking the safety regulations imposed on the structure. In general, there are building rules which must be followed during the installation of balustrades to prevent accidents. You should check the minimum height for residential handrails. If the barrier is too low, a person might topple over it. You should also make sure that your chosen balustrading will be able to withstand considerable weight after installation. Additionally, if you are planning on using a balustrade with spindles, you should make sure that the gaps in between are not wide enough to pose danger, particularly to children.

Balustrade Design

Finally, you should choose a balustrade design which will complement the appearance of your home. The balustrade style options can be categorised as traditional, contemporary or character. Traditional features will include classic elements like wooden or metal spindles and newel posts. Contemporary designs are clean and minimalist and often exclude intricate elements. Character balustrades will have unique artistic vibes which might include abstract design, quirky motifs and a combination of traditional and modern styles.