Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

Posted on: 14 August 2015

In the world of garage door openers, there are many different styles to choose from, each one with their own unique pros and cons. Fortunately, making a choice is fairly easy once you are aware of what distinguishes one opener from another, and which one suits your needs the best:

Chain Drive Openers

 Chain drive openers, as the name suggests, function by raising the door by use of a chain pulley. Perhaps the most popular option on the market, they are durable enough to last for years without replacement or repair, and they are often favored for their high load capacity; there are very few doors which are too heavy for this device to handle. Despite their exceptional quality, chain openers actually represent the cheapest portion of the market, predominantly due to their rudimentary design. Due to these benefits, they are usually considered to be the most feasible choice for newcomers to garage door openers.

There are however, some trade-offs to consider, the most prominent of which is the noise produced by the system. Due to the fact that chain openers are the loudest of the bunch, it is generally advised not to use them if the garage is in close proximity to neighbors/living quarters. On the other hand, some people actually prefer them this way, primarily due to the fact that they readily warn homeowners of when the garage is being entered. If the noise does become intolerable however, chain separators are available to mitigate the effects of chain abrasion (which subsequently reduces noise). 

Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive openers are generally considered to be the 'well-rounded' option, coming in at only slightly more expensive than your average chain drive system. The most attractive feature of the screw drive is it's discrete build and ability to engage the door in a matter of seconds (where other systems can be rather tedious in their function). In addition to this, the screw drive actually has the capacity to be fairly quiet (although it would be wise to see a particular model in action before purchasing it).

As with every style however, there are some luxuries to surrender. Unlike the chain system, screw drives are far more susceptible to malfunctions. This is due to the fact that the inner mechanism is simply not as strong, and therefore the drive can struggle under heavy loads. It is also necessary to lubricate the inside of the drive regularly, so as to avoid blockages and abrasion occurring.

Belt Drive Openers

  Belt drive systems are top of the line models, with special attention to efficiency and quiet functionality. These drives are practically identical to chain systems, exhibiting their notorious reliability, yet the introduction of a rubber belt in place of a chain makes all the difference. The rubber negates the presence of any ominous metal clanking, and the low profile of the belt means that it can be installed into even smaller spaces.

With such a glowing feature-set however, comes a slightly higher price. Buyers should also beware the current type before purchasing a belt model; AC current systems kick in to high power as soon as they are turned on, meaning that the door may make an unwanted sound when the belt is activated. DC current systems start off slow before ranking up to a higher wattage, making for a slightly more discrete engagement.

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