Types of Window Privacy Film

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Window privacy film, also known as window frosting, can be used for many different purposes. You may want to block out excessive sunlight in a room in your home. Office buildings can use it to give glass offices more privacy.

Some home owners also like to use window privacy film to add extra beauty to a room in their home. There are many different styles of window privacy film available for whichever need you may have:

Frosted Privacy Window Film

If you have a room in your home or office that needs privacy, then this type of glass is what you need. This type of window privacy film has the added benefit of blocking those harmful UV rays. When you choose frosted window privacy glass you block prying eyes from looking into your home or office. Sunlight will still enter the room; so don't worry, the window privacy film will not make your space cave like!

This type of privacy window film has a classy frosted finish that looks nice no matter the decorating scheme you have in the specific area. It can be easily cleaned as you would your original window.

Decorative Window Privacy Film

This type of window privacy film adds a beautiful focal point for your home or office while still offering the privacy you desire. There are many different types of window privacy film that you can choose for decorating. Since the window privacy film is self-adhesive, you can easily add it yourself and change it up down the road if you redecorate. Decorative window privacy film can also be applied to a shower to give it a fresh look. You can choose from a mosaic look or give the illusion of bubbles.

If you are going for a more sophisticated look, then a stain-glassed window privacy film may be the best choice for you. From swirls to etched lace or beautiful leaves, the possibilities here are literally endless. No matter your colour scheme you want, decorative window privacy film will complement your décor.

Window Privacy Film for Your Office

You can choose window privacy film for your office to ensure privacy as you work. You can also use smaller pieces to add a sign to your glass office door that can easily be removed and replaced if needed. A decorative striped window privacy film would also easily give a professional flair to any glass office wall.

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