Tips on Servicing Your Gas Ducted Heater

Posted on: 19 May 2015

Gas ducted heating is an efficient and popular way to heat your home. Gas ducted heating is a great way to heat the entire house evenly, although vents can be closed in order to focus the energy on individual areas. Ducted heating is designed to last a long time so long as regular maintenance is carried out.

The specific amount and type of maintenance required may depend on your specific model of heating system and any guidelines provided with purchase and installation should be followed closely. However if your heating system was already installed when you moved in then you might need to consider your options.There are several different factors or components to consider when performing ducted heating maintenance.

The Vents

The vents are the part of the system that you can see in the house. The biggest issue with vents is that they may become dusty over time and spread dust in the air while the heater is running. Regularly vacuuming and wiping down the vents can help prevent surface build up although it will not completely clear the system of any dirt or other airborne irritants. 

The Ducts

The ducts are the part of the system that carries the heated air from the furnace to the vents in order to spread it throughout the house. Ducts can last a relatively long time without repair or replacement. The problem is that for many people ducts are simply out of sight and out of mind. Over time ducts can deteriorate, resulting in air escaping as it is moved throughout the house. This will cause the system to waste more energy than it is supposed to. If your ducts were installed prior to 1985 it is likely that they need replacing but call in a professional like Climatrol just to be sure.

The Furnace

The furnace is the part of the system that actually produces the heat and it is the part most people think of when they are planning repairs or replacements. This is especially important if you aren't sure how long the system has been installed. It is definitely worth having a professional come to inspect the furnace to ensure it is all running correctly.

Failing to properly maintain the furnace could result in an energy inefficient unit or even carbon monoxide poisoning. There is no excuse for failing to run maintenance on your heating system and the cost of not doing so could be lethal.